Add blockchain to your
solution with LTO Network

The LTO toolkit allows solution providers and independent software vendors to upgrade their existing apps, systems and processes with increased security and transparency by using blockchain while maintaining data privacy and GDPR compliance.

Why LTO Network?

LTO Network is the blockchain solution integrators dreamed of.
Here’s why.

Benefit from our experience

Designing blockchain solutions ourselves, we got acquainted with our clients needs, wishes and hesitations towards incorporating blockchain into their organization.

We’re here to help you set out the path towards integration.

By analyzing clients’ needs and wishes, you will find surprisingly many areas of blockchain application.

Design & Build

Get acquainted with our versatile developer toolkit and take your solution or software to the next level.

Analyze the situation

Add blockchain to both your own and your clients processes through various integration possibilities.

Which ones are you going to use?

Create new blockchain based solutions by combining new-age technologies, delivering mind blowing experiences.

Delivering end-to-end Proof-of-Authenticity on CBD Hemp Oil


Extend existing systems with blockchain technology, adding extra layers of security and transparency.

Add blockchain verification to digital signatures


Connect existing systems and (mobile) applications to the network and have them collaborate on the blockchain. No more need for expensive IT-overhauls.

The flawless transition to a blockchain based waste management system


Integrate existing systems using the LTO public blockchain, specifically build for anchoring.

Anchor transactions on KYC procedures in legacy systems

Get started!

Real-world solutions

LTO Network delivers blockchain solutions to various industries.

Either based on functional anchoring or decentralized workflows. Read our client success stories below and become inspired.


We obsessively seek out elegant, composable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. Because we eliminate needless complexity you can start with LTO Network in just a couple of minutes.
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Pick a Node

LTO Network offers two types of nodes.
A free community node and a licensed enterprise node.
Community Edition

The community node contains all services required to manage processes, as well as anchoring on our global public blockchain.

The node exposes a JSON REST API, for connecting your own applications to the blockchain. Open source client libraries with a whole range of languages are provided. The community node can be downloaded free of charge.

Enterprise Edition

The enterprise node includes a user interface and additional services like a KMS, proxy re-encryption service, document management system, role based access management and full text search.

This monthly enterprise license includes certification, SLA and support for enterprise clients. Additional anchoring fees are based on usage

Ready. Set. Go!

LTO Network is the blockchain solution integrators dreamed of.
Here’s why.
Checking your solution for market readiness

The product is built. Now you need help validating your market strategy. Have a chat with us, and we will give you advice! After that is done, you can apply to become LTO Certified.

LTO Certified

Our technical team and advisory board can verify your software, help with the integrations and get it tested by LTO experts.
This allows you to:

• Get a boost with the help of our community and media channels.
• Add a credibility layer to our product with LTO Network logo and expertise.
• Become a partner at our events and present your product to real-world clients.

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Need guidance or help?
LTO Network is here to help you!
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Get in touch with us to discuss your business model and how to best integrate it with the LTO Network ecosystem.

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Kickstart your new business

We are looking for ambitious teams to create new businesses using the LTO Network, offering grants and help for project development.

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